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Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents occur frequently in New York, and you are more likely to be a victim in an urban area than a rural one because of the large concentration of people and vehicles in one place. Howard R. Sanders, Esq. has a firm understanding of the types of situations that often lead to pedestrian accidents, and he has helped many New Yorkers who suffered injury after they were struck by motor vehicles while on foot.

While there are some steps you can take as a pedestrian to reduce your odds of becoming an accident victim, there is only so much you can when other motorists do not prioritize safety. For example, the Safety Resource Center reports that you can reduce your risk of a pedestrian accident by not drinking before walking along or near the roadway, but you cannot control the actions of others who choose to drink and drive. About 13 percent of all pedestrian collisions involve intoxicated drivers.

When building is booming, does safety lapse?

It seems that anywhere you go around New York City, there are construction projects springing up like mushrooms after a spring rain. While that is good news for the economy, what effect does it have on the safety of the construction workers doing all of the labor?

The past few years has seen an uptick in the number of construction injuries and fatalities. Most of the injured or dead workers were undocumented immigrants.

Hands-free devices are not safer for drivers, experts claim

You've likely heard about "hands-free laws" mandating that drivers do not use handheld devices while driving. New York law says that you're not allowed to drive and use any electronic device that you must hold -- like a cellphone.

Some experts say these laws are a waste of time.

How much safety training do NYC construction workers receive?

There are a staggering number of injuries and deaths that occur every year on New York City construction sites. It is not surprising that this is the case, given all of the risks that are generally present in such environments. Still, it is the responsibility of site managers to keep everybody safe and ensure that preventable accidents do not harm the workers doing construction.

A major component of maintaining a safe environment is providing adequate training to the personnel working on the site. You might wonder, then, what level of training is necessary in order to work on or supervise a construction site in New York City. The answers might surprise you.

Construction jobs still among the nation's deadliest: Learn why

According to the most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), construction workers still have some of the deadliest jobs in the country.

Figures from 2016 aren't yet available, but the 2015 figures paint a grim picture: Deaths among construction workers increased 4 percent over the year before -- making it the most lethal on record so far this decade. Construction workers are the victims in about 1 out of every 5 on-the-job deaths in this country.

Bounce houses dangers take many unaware

Parents (and adults with a childlike sense of fun) need to be careful around bounce houses -- bounce houses, or "moon bounces" are loads of inflatable fun for everyone inside them, but they're also incredibly dangerous.

More than 82,000 injuries and 12 deaths are attributed to inflatables between 2008 and 2013, the majority of which were in bounce houses -- and this number doesn't even capture injuries that didn't require hospital trips. It's estimated that there are around 30 injuries per day in bounce houses.

Which state has the rudest drivers?

You're trying to get over to get off of the interstate, and no one will let you in. They just honk at you as you try to merge. Ahead of you, another car merges without a signal. Once you do get over, a driver tailgates you, then whips around and gestures in anger as he or she goes past.

Does it ever feel like every other driver in New York is incredibly rude? According a new study, that may actually be the case. New York was ranked as the state with the rudest drivers.

Pools and spas are attractive nuisances for unsupervised kids

Backyard swimming pools are great fun to have in the summertime. But they are classified for legal and insurance purposes as "attractive nuisances" for good reason, as they can pose grave dangers to unaccompanied children.

Pool owners must make sure unsupervised kids cannot gain access to an outdoor spa or backyard pool. While a determined child or teen may be able to thwart attempts to deny access, having at least a four-foot-high fence completely surrounding the area is a good deterrent. Gates should latch and lock when not in use.

34 injured when 2 subway cars derail in Manhattan

It was the nightmare scenario New Yorkers dread — a subway train derailment. The incident occurred as commuters were making their way south into Manhattan on the "A" train the morning of Tuesday, June 27.

According to reports from The New York Times, 34 riders suffered injuries when two of the subway cars plunged off the rails. Fire Department New York (FDNY) officials stated that all were taken to area medical centers for treatment. Media reports indicate that none of the passengers suffered from life-threatening injuries.

Astoria construction workers trapped under debris

Construction sites present a number of risks for workers, some of which are easier to reduce than others. With New York's growth in construction over the recent years, construction accidents of all types keep appearing in the city's headlines.

On June 20, three workers on an Astoria site became trapped in the basement of a building under construction. According to reports, the construction project involved a renovation that added a third floor. The upper levels of the building suddenly collapsed, sending several thousand pounds of debris falling on top of the three men.

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