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Construction Accidents Archives

Operator found at fault in fatal crane accident sues city

The man deemed responsible for a crane collapse that terminally injured a Tribaca pedestrian has filed a lawsuit alleging defamation in Manhattan Supreme Court. A 38-year-old mathematician from Prague was walking from the subway stop at Chambers Street to his office. He died after being struck by the crane.

Tips to avoid a forklift accident

According the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) one in 10 forklifts are in an accident every year. You have probably seen videos on social media of operators driving into hazards, overloading their machines and tipping or various other accidents. Sometimes forklift accidents happen because the forklift itself malfunctions, sometimes they are due to operator error and in some cases, they are due to unavoidable forces.

Take action if you are injured at a construction site

Construction workers need to have a safe work environment. When this doesn't exist, there is a chance that the workers might suffer injuries. These can be very serious, so construction workers should learn about what options they have to address their concerns.

When building is booming, does safety lapse?

It seems that anywhere you go around New York City, there are construction projects springing up like mushrooms after a spring rain. While that is good news for the economy, what effect does it have on the safety of the construction workers doing all of the labor?

3 construction workers injured in Astoria roof collapse

Questions are swirling around the site of an Astoria, Queens, construction project this week where three workers were trapped in a roof collapse on 28th Road. The trapped workers suffered serious injuries in Tuesday's entrapment in the New York borough.

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