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Pedestrian Accidents Archives

Pedestrian accidents can be tragic in New York

An accident involving a pedestrian can easily lead to injuries due to the fact that pedestrians do not have protection against the force of a vehicle. When pedestrian accidents occur and a pedestrian is left with injuries, the victim may have legal options so as to pursue compensation. One recent car accident involving a man walking his dog in New York ended in his injury and the death of his pet.

Pedestrian accidents can spell financial loss and injuries

The cost of simply walking down the street or crossing a busy intersection can be overwhelming if you are hit by a moving vehicle. Sadly, pedestrian accidents are not all that uncommon on busy New York City and suburban streets. When a pedestrian has been hit and suffers injuries, that pedestrian should be aware of his or her rights and what options there may be for victims as they struggle to recover and avoid financial ruin.

New York pedestrian accidents can create havoc on streets

While many pedestrian accidents occur when walkers cross the street, some can take place when a pedestrian is simply standing on a metropolitan sidewalk. This was the case recently when a truck crashed into a crowd who were on a New York sidewalk. When pedestrian accidents of any type occur, those who are injured can seek legal guidance to determine the best course of action.

Pedestrian accidents can be devastating in New York

Narrow streets, busy intersections and pedestrians who need room to walk safely all combine for a dangerous situation on New York streets. Pedestrian accidents are common due to some of these factors and more. When pedestrian accidents happen on the streets of New York, the victims may suffer more severe injuries and incur much greater financial hardship than if that victim had been in a vehicle.

Bus versus pedestrian accidents can be serious in New York

In most every metropolitan area, buses cruise up and down the city streets while pedestrians fill crosswalks. Even when pedestrians are abiding by the law and in a proper crosswalk, pedestrian accidents can still occur and leave injured walkers in their wake. A recent accident in New York resulted in a tour bus hitting and injuring a pedestrian in the street.

Pedestrian accidents should be taken seriously in New York

New York is notorious for clogged and narrow streets. Sadly, this accounts for a high incidence of pedestrian accidents. These city pedestrian accidents on the streets of New York are often serious, even fatal. Under any circumstances, a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian on a crowded city street can have devastating consequences.

Taxi causes pedestrian accident; 1 killed, 2 injured

After a tragic pedestrian accident in the Bronx, one person was killed and two were critically injured. The accident occurred when a New York taxi ran into a group of individuals waiting at a bus stop. The pedestrian accident is still under investigation, and it is unclear whether the taxi driver will face criminal charges.

Victim undergoes partial leg amputation after pedestrian accident

A serious accident recently occurred in Binghamton, and the driver is now facing criminal charges. The 22-year-old ran into a pedestrian, causing the 20-year-old pedestrian to suffer a severe injury to her leg. The driver is now facing a New York DWI charge, and it is unclear if she will be facing additional charges following the pedestrian accident.

Woman arrested after fatal pedestrian accident

In our state, it is a crime to leave the scene of an accident where one or more parties suffered injuries. Police say that a 57-year-old woman recently caused a fatal pedestrian accident in New York and attempted to leave the scene. She has been arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death.

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