Numerous Verdicts And Settlements In Favor Of Our Clients

The help of an experienced lawyer can go a long way to helping you recover from injuries sustained in an accident. Attorney Howard R. Sanders has a track record of success in securing significant settlements for injured clients. Read through our notable verdicts and settlements, and also view our useful information for construction workers page to find out about added rights and protections for workers in New York.

$3 MILLION for a 35 year old Carpenter injured when his arm became partially impaled on an improperly exposed metal support (rebar) at a construction site. Now, this father of three young children will not have to worry about the loss of lifetime union wages and benefits for his family.

$2 MILLION for a woman who sustained multiple serious injuries after being struck by a hit and run driver in Manhattan.

$1.825 MILLION Verdict for a 29 year old construction worker injured during the building of the World Trade Center Memorial.

$1.475 MILLION for a Carpenter who was injured when the scaffold he was working upon collapsed.

$1.2 MILLION for a 35 year old Cement and Concrete worker from Queens who sustained serious injuries to his back when he slipped on debris and refuse.

$1.2 MILLION for a Construction worker and young father in the Bronx who was fatally electrocuted while on a scaffold.

$950,000 for two sisters in high school who sustained serious injuries when struck by a vehicle that mounted the sidewalk in Brooklyn as they waited for the bus to take them to school.

$825,000 for a woman injured as a passenger in an accident involving a bus and a car in the Bronx.

$777,000 for an Ironworker on Long Island who sustained serious injuries when he fell from a ladder which slid out from under him due to icy footing.

$750,000 for a surgeon who sustained a broken knee in a motor vehicle accident (January, 2017).

$660,000 verdict for a 35 year old Cement and Concrete laborer who was injured when the scaffold he was walking upon collapsed. As a result of his fall, he sustained injuries to his shoulder which required surgery. We were able to prove at trial that, despite minimal treatment following the accident, shoulder surgery, which took place almost three years later, was related to his fall.

$650,000 for a Cement and Concrete worker who injured his back as a result of slipping upon a discarded pipe and falling down a flight of steps.

$355,000 for a construction worker who sustained an eye injury, and has returned to work (October, 2016)

$330,000 settlement following a Verdict for a student at a Brooklyn high school who was injured when a Snapple Beverage machine fell onto him.

$325,000 for a woman who sustained multiple serious injuries to her shoulder as a result of a trip and fall upon a defective sidewalk at a construction project in Manhattan.

$250,000 verdict in the exact amount demanded by our office for our client, but refused by the responsible defendants, was awarded by the jury to our client who sustained a fractured elbow as a result of a fall upon a badly broken sidewalk.

$325,000 for a young woman who sustained a fractured ankle as a result of a fall on soapy steps in her apartment building in the Bronx.

$495,000 for a young mother who was struck by a car while crossing the street near her home in Queens sustaining serious injuries to her leg requiring the surgical placement of a metal plate and screws.

$600,000 for a woman who sustained multiple injuries as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident.

$425,000 was secured by our office for a Cement and Concrete worker injured when a work area collapsed beneath him.

$400,000 for a woman struck from behind by a car as she walked to a supermarket in a shopping center parking lot in Yonkers.

$200,000 for a young man, 15 years of age, who sustained a partial tear of the rotator cuff of his right shoulder, which has now healed without any limitation upon his activities.

$325,000 for a school principal in the Bronx who tripped and fell over a construction plate in the school parking lot.

$300,000 for a young Cement and Concrete worker who was struck by falling debris dislodged from a building by a swinging crane.

$250,000 for a Cement and Concrete worker injured as a result of a fall at a Manhattan construction site.

$300,000 for a school teacher in the Bronx who sustained an injury to her shoulder when she tripped and fell due to negligently placed computer wiring.

$275,000 to a Construction laborer doing bridge work whose arm was fractured when falling construction material caused him to fall into the East River and onto debris.

$450,000 for a child injured when a table fell on him in a laundromat in Queens.

$450,000 verdict for a Volunteer Firefighter in Westchester who sustained injuries in the course of fighting a fire.

$500,000 for a nursing home resident injured due to lack of proper care.

$450,000 for a construction worker who sustained traumatic injuries when a wood rib fell onto his head (June, 2015).

*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.*