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Pedestrian accidents can lead to wide range of injuries

For pedestrians navigating city streets, the fear of being hit by a car is always prevalent. However, when New York drivers are careless, reckless or simply unaware, pedestrian accidents can occur and can be devastating. The nature of a pedestrian accident means a victim can suffer a wide range of serious injuries.

When a car hits a person, the sheer force of the impact can inflict horrible injuries that can be seen and felt immediately. For example, it is not uncommon for a pedestrian to suffer broken bones. Head trauma can also be an obvious and instant injury that requires extensive and on-going medical care.

There can also be injuries that may not be visible at first or even noticed right after a pedestrian accident. Back injuries and neck injuries may worsen after the initial accident and require specialized care. Concussions or other brain injuries can have lingering effects and are not visible to the naked eye; therefore, a victim may not be aware of what treatment is needed or for how long.

Pedestrian accidents can result in injuries that require not only extensive and on-going medical care but also extremely expensive medical care. Some injuries suffered by those who dare to navigate New York City streets can be life-changing and end a career or upend family obligations. A victim of a pedestrian accident may be able to seek monetary damages in a civil personal injury suit, and those damages can help alleviate the strain of the financial impact of that accident. Our firm has more information about pedestrian accidents and what legal options may be appropriate.

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