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Which industry has the most workplace injuries?

While every occupation comes with some risk of harm, there are many that are inherently much more hazardous than others. Some sectors have high fatality rates, such as logging, whereas others do not have as many deaths but still rank high in injury rates, such as nursing.

Knowing what the most dangerous job is can help you take the necessary precautions to avoid workplace injury and to know when you have a case.

Which jobs have the most injuries

Not surprisingly, the construction industry is the leader in dangerous jobs in America, having high numbers of both deaths and injuries. Other risky occupations include those in law enforcement and medical care.

Why construction is so dangerous

What puts construction work at the top of the danger list? The most obvious reasons include:

  •        Hazardous machinery, tools and other equipment
  •        Weather conditions
  •        Toxic materials
  •        Electrocution
  •        Debris
  •        Falls

Risk increases with the more projects you are involved in, and there is no shortage in New York City. Projects also come with great levels of unpredictability, providing many opportunities for things to go wrong and someone to get hurt. And when an injury happens, it is usually severe.

What to do after a construction accident

Just because the nature of construction work is risky does not mean you have to accept physical harm as a part of the job you can do nothing about. If you get hurt, you have the right to pursue compensation to pay for the financial consequences of an accident. These can include immediate medical bills, long-term care for a permanent disability, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Not only can you file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer, but you can also sue other related parties, such as the property owner, general contractor or manufacturer. These people are accountable for ensuring your safety.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer today to begin your case off right. New York law protects construction workers, regardless of legal status, so you do not have to suffer the lifelong effects of a dangerous worksite accident.

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