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What dangers lurk on your construction site?

If you are a New York City construction worker, you accept a certain level of danger on the job, particularly those who work high above the streets of Manhattan or the outer boroughs.

But just because there are inherent dangers in the construction industry does not mean that company owners and supervisors must not do all that they can to make the workplace safer for all.

Below are some steps that all companies should be taking for the safety of their workers and also passersby on the street.

Have a safety plan in place

It's too easy to blow off safety protocols if there are no written policies in place that are followed by all. Before the first nail is driven or the concrete mixed, all potential safety hazards should be identified and risks mitigated by providing proper operating instructions, safety training, personal protective equipment (PPE) and implementing engineering controls.

Risks can also evolve and develop throughout the course of a project, so each construction phase needs to be evaluated independently.

Safety staging saves lives and prevents injuries

There are designated staging areas on construction sites for storage and deliveries, so why not stage for safety as well? Not only is it safer to have especially dangerous tasks completed in a single area of the jobsite, it can save workers time and effort not to have to walk long distances to complete certain tasks.

It's also prudent to limit access to high-hazard areas with physical barricades that remind workers to stay within their zones when completing tasks.

Have regular safety meetings

Sometimes referred to in the industry as "toolbox talks," these meetings allow supervisors to gauge their workers' level of comprehension regarding ongoing safety matters. Safety meetings also provide reinforcement of safety training and allows the contractor to go over any additional hazards that develop over time.

If you were injured on a NYC construction site, know that you have options under the law to seek compensation for any losses or damages that you suffered as a result of your workplace accident.

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