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3 common causes of crane accidents

Cranes collapsing may cause catastrophic injuries with deadly consequences. Construction sites often turn dangerous when a crane needs installation to assist with the project.

In New York, construction cranes are common around the city and the surrounding boroughs. Working on a high-rise building is all but impossible without the assistance of these heavy-lifting machines. Unfortunately, accidents happen around these sites, including these three common incidents that may lead to widespread pain and panic below.

1. Improper training of personnel

Crane operators should have a certain number of training hours and pass a certification prior to getting behind the controls. In some instances, contractors may not have a certified crane operator on the crew, and finding one may cost time and money. Foreman may choose to cut corners and have someone who does not have the certification operate the machine, which may result in devastating results.

2. Wrong crane for the job

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes for every type of job imaginable. Using the proper piece of equipment for a job may prove critical – especially in high-rise construction sites. If a job calls for heavier lifting than the existing crane can handle, while it may work for a short time, eventually, the weight may cause it to fail. Cranes not properly secured may also tip and crash down on workers and bystanders below.

3. Cranes not assembled or disassembled properly

Proper installation of a crane is something that takes special training. Workers need to understand how to put the pieces together so there are no missing or misplaced parts. Dangerous conditions exist during the assembly and disassembly of cranes if the weather is not cooperative or qualified people do not helm the task. Accidents occur during this time more than any other involving a crane.

Crane collapses garner widespread attention and bring the focus back to construction site safety. It is crucial that contractors keep workers safe at every turn and obey basic crane safety.

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