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Bicycling in NYC is getting deadlier

An increasing trend across the nation is riding a bike more instead of driving a car. Using a bicycle comes with benefits to both people and the planet. It saves money, provides exercise and reduces emissions. It also encourages people to be social and explore their areas.

NYC is an exciting place to join the cyclist movement, but it is also one of the most dangerous locations. After three recent deaths, the city has decided the problem has risen to emergency level, reports The New York Times.

Cyclist fatalities already on the rise

In only half a year, more cyclists have died in traffic accidents than did the entire of last year. Most have occurred in Brooklyn, where public transportation is less accessible, causing more people to choose bike riding as an alternative.

One of the reasons for the increased deaths is not enough roadways having bike lanes for cyclists to ride safely. There has also been an increase in large-truck traffic due to the boom in online commerce. Other contributors are drivers speeding and not following right-of-way laws.

Legislative responses to the issue

The mayor has already lowered the speed limit to 25 mph in most parts of New York City, which may result in less-severe injuries in case of an accident. He has also put more police officers out to catch and penalize drivers who do not adhere to traffic rules. 

New legislation now allows cyclists to follow pedestrian control signals at intersections so that they can cross at the same time as pedestrians instead of with traffic (though they must still yield to pedestrians).

Personal legal action

If you are a cyclist in NYC and have sustained an injury in an accident with a vehicle, look into taking action for financial compensation. You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party to cover your medical bills and other related expenses.

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