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Have you winterized your vehicle yet?

It's no fun to be caught in a winter storm in a car that was never winterized. In some cases, it could even be deadly.

Below are some suggestions for ensuring that your vehicle is ready to withstand all of Mother Nature's wintry fury this season.

Top off your fluids

Add antifreeze, change your oil and check the levels of your brake and transmission fluids. Then, just to be on the safe side, gas up. During winter, it's advisable not to let your fuel level drop below a half-tank.

Check your tire pressure

Do you know that tire pressure is affected by temperature? In general, each change of 10° Fahrenheit alters tire pressure by approximately 2%. The pressure drops in cold weather and increases when it's hot. Properly inflating your tires according to the weather conditions can keep you safer on winter roads.

Reduce speed in bad weather

This should be good common sense, yet every winter, the media shows videos of motorists speeding along the highway in blizzard conditions before finally skidding off into a ditch or copse of trees. Slowing down can save your life and the lives of others on the road with you.

Avoid distractions

When roads are icy and snow is falling, eliminating unnecessary distractions is vital. Keep both hands on the wheel and scan the highway ahead for hazards and obstacles you might miss if you get distracted.

Regardless of your own diligence, you can still find yourself involved in a collision with another at-fault driver. Learn how you can preserve your right to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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