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How alcohol affects driving skills

Many people in New York are aware that drinking and driving do not mix. Yet many motorists continue to use alcohol before and while they operate their vehicles. With the number of alcohol-related accidents steadily increasing, drivers should educate themselves on the dangers of alcohol and how its use can affect their driving skills. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., drunk driving was committed by more than 29.1 million people in 2012. Drunk driving accidents impact two-thirds of motorists at least once in their lifetime.

New York's "Boulevard of Death" gets a facelift

It's a nickname that no one would be proud to have in their neighborhood: the "Boulevard of Death". This nickname refers to a stretch of Queens Boulevard that has resulted in the death of over 185 people in the last quarter of a century. Almost 50 were killed or suffered from serious injuries from 2010 to 2014 alone.

Woman flees after causing car accident in New York

When a parked vehicle was struck by another vehicle along a New York roadway, the driver got out to assess the scene and speak with the owner of the struck vehicle. They became victims of a horrific car accident when a vehicle operated by a woman from Long Island hit them and their vehicles. That driver apparently fled the scene.

Driver charged in New York wrong-way car accident

Being the victim of a head-on collision when someone is driving the wrong way can be an incredibly frightening experience. For one family in New York, seeing lights come their way left them with nowhere else to go and left all of them injured. The driver who traveled north in the southbound lane and hit the family has been charged in the car accident.

A car accident at a New York intersection leads to injuries

The holiday season, and Christmas Eve in particular, can mean higher traffic on highways everywhere and, therefore, a greater chance of people being involved in car accidents. A car accident on Christmas Eve in New York recently lead to injuries for one of the victims. It also led to criminal charges for one of the drivers.

Deadly head-on car accident investigated in New York

While any type of collision on the road can cause serious injury, a head-on collision typically has devastating consequences for drivers and passengers. A car accident in the western part of New York recently made news and remains under investigation. The accident occurred on a Sunday night around 7 p.m.

Man takes off after car accident in New York, woman left injured

Walking along the streets of an urban area can be a dangerous endeavor for anyone regardless of the time of day. When someone is crossing a New York street with a child in tow, the danger or risk of injury may naturally be elevated. A man recently hit a woman who was walking with a child and then he fled after the car accident.

New York car accident leaves driver charged, others injured

Racing on roadways can not only lead to criminal charges for any drivers involved but can also lead to injuries for drivers and passengers. Recently, a woman was racing on a New York roadway when she caused a car accident. The crash led to a severe injury for her and also injuries for her passengers.

Car accident takes life of person on a New York sidewalk

Not all tragic car accidents occur on the roadways. While there are certainly a high number of car accidents on New York highways and city streets, there are incidents where innocent bystanders and pedestrians suffer from injuries that prove to be fatal stemming from car accidents that occur near those city streets. One such tragic car accident recently occurred in Brooklyn, New York.

Driver ticketed after passenger injured in New York car accident

A passenger in a car quite literally puts his or her life in the hands of the person operating the vehicle. When the driver fails to take proper precautions or otherwise abide by the rules of the road, serious injuries -- or worse -- may be the end result. A car accident in upstate New York recently led to serious injuries for a passenger and a citation for the driver who caused the crash.

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