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The dangers of working on scaffolding

If you are among the many American workers who regularly spends time working on or around scaffolding, you face unique on-the-job hazards you and your employer should try to minimize as much as possible. The term "scaffold" refers to an elevated work platform you might use to construct a building, wash upper-level windows or what have you, and these platforms can prove exceedingly dangerous if not in adequate shape and used properly.

Why seniors are more likely to fall

Regrettably, your overall health and wellness have a tendency to deteriorate as you age. Eyesight and hearing often weaken over time, and you also become more susceptible to suffering serious injuries as your strength and muscle mass start to decline. In particular, your risk of suffering a serious injury after a slip or fall tends to spike as you age, with reporting that one in three senior citizens takes a fall every year.

Large equipment falls and causes injuries in New York

When major equipment is hoisted above a bustling city street, every possible safety precaution is taken. Despite the use of safety equipment, falls and accidents can still occur and leave a city street in chaos and disarray. An incident unfolded in the streets of Manhattan, New York, and several were injured as a result.

Premises liability negligence can lead to major problems

Property owners and property managers have a legal obligation to keep the property they own or operate safe for patrons and visitors alike. If a New York property owner fails to follow the law and minimize hazards or dangers, a person can get injured, and those injuries can be life-changing. Anyone injured as the result of negligent premises liability should be aware of his or her rights and to what extent monetary damages may be awarded.

Worker injured in construction accident during demolition

Another construction accident occurred in New York recently, and one worker was seriously injured. The construction crew was working on demolishing an old building when part of the building collapsed. Luckily, no one else was injured in the construction accident.

Worker killed in Barclays Center construction site accident

A construction worker who was working at the Barclays Center was killed in an accident at the end of last month. The New York workers were building an environmentally-friendly roof for the center. However, one or more of the joists fell off the truck, causing a fatal construction site accident.

How can cold stress affect a construction worker?

New York owners of construction companies are expected to ensure the safety of their employees at all times. However, during the cold winter months workers face additional hazards that need close monitoring in order to prevent construction worker injuries. When the skin temperature is driven down, continued cold temperatures can cause the core temperature -- or internal body temperature -- to drop to levels low enough to cause cold stress.

Worker files multi-million dollar lawsuit after accident

A construction worker on the 2nd Avenue subway in New York was injured in an on-the-job accident in August and has now filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the state and MTA Capital Construction. The incident was apparently one of many worker accidents in recent years, as records show that the MTA has been cited more than 18 times for safety violations.

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