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Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents occur frequently in New York, and you are more likely to be a victim in an urban area than a rural one because of the large concentration of people and vehicles in one place. Howard R. Sanders, Esq. has a firm understanding of the types of situations that often lead to pedestrian accidents, and he has helped many New Yorkers who suffered injury after they were struck by motor vehicles while on foot.

Hands-free devices are not safer for drivers, experts claim

You've likely heard about "hands-free laws" mandating that drivers do not use handheld devices while driving. New York law says that you're not allowed to drive and use any electronic device that you must hold -- like a cellphone.

Which state has the rudest drivers?

You're trying to get over to get off of the interstate, and no one will let you in. They just honk at you as you try to merge. Ahead of you, another car merges without a signal. Once you do get over, a driver tailgates you, then whips around and gestures in anger as he or she goes past.

Amtrak conductor to be charged with manslaughter for 2015 crash

A judge with the Philadelphia Municipal Court sent down orders to prosecutors on Thursday, May 11, requiring that they file criminal charges against a former Amtrak engineer. It's widely believed that the speed at which he was operating the train on May 12, 2015, was responsible for the train's derailment. The accident killed eight and and injured nearly 200.

Parents, insist on safety first on prom night

With all the excitement about the formal wear, hair, make-up and nail appointments for the big night, sometimes teens give short shrift to what's most important — making sure that prom night remains safe for all attendees and those they encounter on the roads.

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