Car accident takes lives of four limo occupants, driver arrested

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Any collision can lead to police involvement and possible charges for the responsible party if intoxication is suspected. A tragic car accident in New York occurred when a pickup and limo collided. The limo was carrying eight long-time female friends, and four of them died due to injuries sustained in the car accident.

The accident occurred as the limo was attempting to make a U-turn. The truck hit the back end of the limo. The 58-year-old who hit the limo reportedly stayed at the scene for about 15 minutes before attempting to walk away. He went down an embankment and did not stop when police beckoned to him.

Once police confronted the man, he was taken into custody. He reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol before the crash. The four women who died were all in their early 20’s. The other four occupants of the limo had what were described as very serious injuries, and the limo driver was also injured.

Once the women recover, they may be able to pursue a personal injury against the driver who was under the influence. As for the women who lost their lives in this car accident, their surviving family members can look into filing a wrongful death suit against the driver. In a New York civil court, a personal injury suit or a wrongful death suit can lead to the awarding of monetary damages that may prove helpful as survivors deal with medical bills and loved ones deal with funeral costs and other losses related to the loss of their loved ones.

Source:, “Driver Who T-Boned Limo, Killing 4 Young Women, Tried to Flee Scene, Admitted Drinking: Prosecutor“, July 20, 2015


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