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Long Island wreck with stolen Camaro kills 5

A fiery Long Island collision involving a stolen Chevy Camaro ended with the death of five people, only one of whom was riding in the stolen car.

According to Long Island media sources, the deadly events unfolded shortly before 11:30 a.m. on Valentine's Day. A 23-year-old man allegedly stole a Camaro and was traveling east on Hwy. 25 just west of Woodlot Road in Ridge. The hamlet is located in Suffolk County, approximately 50 miles from New York City.

Beware of dangers on construction sites

New York City construction workers face over twice the risk of getting killed in a workplace accident than their counterparts in other industries. Hazards are rife, but it's just another day on the job for most construction workers.

Below are some of the frequent dangers construction workers face every day as they go about their labors.

Bronx landlord tries to freeze family out of duplex

One landlord in the Bronx is allegedly attempting to freeze a family out of their $1,600-a-month Baychester duplex apartment. A 51-year-old cancer survivor who also suffered two hip fractures and multiple strokes shares the dwelling with her boyfriend, 58, and son, 24, who has asthma.

They believe the landlord refuses to make repairs that would allow the family access to hot water, gas and heat because he intends to renovate the Wickham Ave. property to lure higher-paying tenants.

Can I prove a store is liable for my injuries?

You missed the last step leading up to the door of a local business and fell down, breaking your wrist. You got hurt on a business owner's property, where you had reasonable expectations that you would be safe conducting your business. Now, you believe that the business should cover your medical bills and other related expenses and damages.

But the business owner tells a different story and denies responsibility. According to him or her, you missed the uppermost step, stumbled and fell because you were chatting on your cellphone and not paying attention to where you were walking. He claims the fault lies with you.

Vision Zero appears to be working

For the fourth year in a row, last year New York City traffic-related deaths decreased to the lowest recorded number. That can be attributed, in part, to a sharp decline in pedestrian fatalities.

Another factor appears to be the Vision Zero program, officials announced this week. Since the safety program was first implemented in 2013, the number of deaths for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians has steadily fallen, with a 28 percent decline since 2013. Last year saw a 7 percent drop for a total of 214 fatalities on NYC streets.

The dangers of working on scaffolding

If you are among the many American workers who regularly spends time working on or around scaffolding, you face unique on-the-job hazards you and your employer should try to minimize as much as possible. The term "scaffold" refers to an elevated work platform you might use to construct a building, wash upper-level windows or what have you, and these platforms can prove exceedingly dangerous if not in adequate shape and used properly.

How scaffolding leads to injuries

Beware of construction hazards on your job site

New York City construction sites are a hive of busy activities, with a lot going on at the same time in different areas. As such, they are inherently dangerous places, especially if the workers are cutting corners on safety precautions.

It's important to follow all of the safety rules and regulations to ensure the safety of workers and also of passersby who can become collateral victims of construction accidents. Below are some potential hazards to avoid.

How should you stabilize a vehicle with a blown tire?

There is nothing quite as scary as losing control of your vehicle when you're on the road. A tire blowout can quickly lead to an accident if you don't know how to steer your way out of trouble. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to learn how to handle a blown tire.

When a tire blowout occurs, drivers tend to react automatically. The loud noise of the tire popping combined with the sudden jerk of the steering wheel could make you hit your brakes or try to pull the wheel quickly to get back into your lane. Those actions could put you in more danger, though.

1 worker injured when two subway trains collide

At least one transit worker was injured this week when a couple of subway trains collided under the East River tunnel. The tunnel is currently under repair, stated officials with New York City. The station runs the E and M subway lines connecting Manhattan to Queens.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) said that neither train derailed after the impact. There were no passengers on board either train when the accident occurred on Wednesday, December 27 at approximately 5 a.m. New York City commuters were unaffected by the trains colliding.

Who is responsible for shoveling my sidewalk?

New York City can get a lot of snow, and that means that somebody has to be doing the snow removal. Who is responsible for this sometimes arduous task?

Well, that depends, and it's a bit complex. All residents, property managers, homeowners and businesspersons may have a responsibility to clear their premises and adjacent areas like sidewalks and inner walkways of ice and snow,

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