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Remain safe while hunting Black Friday bargains

When it comes to future events, it's always a good idea to look at what transpired in the past. For Black Friday shoppers here in New York City, that means being aware of the incidents and injuries that befell bargain hunters in years past.

From shopper-on-shopper violence to people falling and being trampled underfoot, the stories are legion. People all over the country have been seriously injured and killed trying to nab the deeply discounted merchandise lining store shelves on Black Friday.

Accidents involving scaffolding keep happening in New York

At a time when the construction industry is enjoying an upswing in projects in The Big Apple, related injuries and fatalities are also on the rise.

One of the ongoing concerns is injury from scaffolding accidents on New York City construction sites.

Be safe on the roads this Thanksgiving

We're approaching a particularly deadly time of year when there are more than the usual number of DUI arrests and alcohol-related accidents. Not coincidentally, it's also a time of increased travel by families and individuals who will be heading home for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays.

The night before Thanksgiving has been dubbed "Black Wednesday" because it is thought to be the busiest nights for bars of the entire year. Black Wednesday eclipses even New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's Day with alcohol sales volumes.

ARe you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning this winter?

New York City winters can be brutal. The last thing you want is for the super to inform you that the building's furnace is on the fritz. And while that is decidedly unwelcome news, you also need to be concerned about carbon monoxide (CO) leaks.

Your apartment ideally will be fitted with carbon monoxide detectors to alert your family to the presence of the deadly gas. But many units don't have these detectors installed. The detectors that are present may not work properly or need the batteries changed. In other words, you and your family could still be at risk of severe injuries or death from carbon monoxide fumes that leak into your apartment.

Beware of falling objects on construction sites

When you're working on a construction project here in New York City, one particular hazard of which you must be aware is falling objects. The focus should remain on preventing tools and other objects from falling instead of retrieving them mid-air or on limiting the consequences of their fall.

In 2015, fall protection violations were the No. 1 violation listed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Their figures included falling tools, materials and humans. Annually, OSHA records over 50,000 "struck by falling object" incidents all over the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) breaks that down to an injury every 10 minutes somewhere from a dropped object.

NYC construction injuries on the rise amid building boom

New York City is certainly no stranger to construction site injuries. However, a recent building boom has led to an increase in injuries across the city in the first seven months of 2018.

Now more than ever, construction workers in New York City must be especially aware of such dangers while on the job. A worksite injury can cause lifelong health complications and disability, as well as an inability to return to work and the resulting loss in wages.

Water, heat outages mar mayor's announcement

Maybe it was just bad timing. Yesterday, Mayor de Blasio announced his administration's plan for upgrading the water and heating systems in the New York City public housing units. Simultaneously, over 4,000 tenants had no access to either heat or water in their apartments.

The dual outage affected tenants at Far Rockaway's Hammel Houses and Washington Heights' Ralph Rangel Houses. Over in Brooklyn's Fort Green, there was no hot water for tenants living in the Walt Whitman Houses.

Stay safe on the job when operating a forklift

When you think of all the hazards a construction worker in New York City can face, few people consider the dangers that forklifts can pose. Yet, every year, forklift rollovers cause numerous injuries and even deaths to construction workers.

These fatalities and injuries can be prevented in many cases. Making sure that all operators receive proper training and get certified are the first steps. Also, no worker younger than 18 should ever be allowed to drive a forklift.

Beware of drunken fans at football games

Do you cheer for the Jets or the Giants? No matter which team you love to cheer on to victory, there are some things you should realize that could potentially compromise your safety if you attend a professional sporting event.

Research conducted in 2011 discovered an alarming fact about the sobriety of professional sports fans leaving the games venues. Almost 8 percent of fans exiting the stadium after Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL) games were legally drunk. Another 40 percent had a positive blood alcohol content (BAC) that was within legal limits.

How safe are New York City's bike messengers?

We've all seen them weaving in and out of traffic on Midtown Manhattan streets, pedaling like mad while bearing their burdens from Point A to Point B. Love them or hate them, bike messengers are everywhere, it seems.

Bicycle messengers are part of the Big Apple's manual labor workforce. As such, they don't need any special skills beyond endurance and a willingness to go forth in some fairly harsh weather conditions. For messengers, speed is essential. However, so is having a good working knowledge of the city's routes.

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