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Could you be at risk of a forklift accident?

When you think of all the types of heavy equipment hazards that you can encounter working construction here in New York City, forklift accidents might not even be on your radar.

But the fact is that people can get seriously injured and even killed working on forklifts. Read on for some tips on how to be safer when using this type of machinery.

Were you struck by a car while walking in New York City?

New York City may be in for a January heat wave, but that is a rarity indeed. Soon, we will be back to weather business as usual, with Arctic fronts sweeping down from Canada and snow blanketing the city.

The fact is that winter driving in New York City can be quite hazardous. And it's not just motorists who face enhanced risks during inclement weather conditions. Pedestrians, too, are at risk, as icy roads can cause vehicles to slide right off the road and onto sidewalks and into bus stops, injuring the hapless pedestrians in their way.

Winter poses special dangers to construction workers

Being a construction worker in the middle of a New York City winter is not for the faint of heart. It gets very cold, snowy and icy — sometimes dangerously so. These wintry weather conditions can exacerbate the dangers that construction workers face every day on the job.

Read on to learn about the added hazards New York City construction workers face when working in the winter.

Wind turbine toppled by winds in the Bronx

Living in New York City can sometimes make you feel as if you are Chicken Little. There always seems to be something crashing down from above.

Fortunately, this week when a recently installed 150-foot wind turbine came tumbling down in the Bronx, no one died or was injured. However, there was a chain reaction of damage to nearby vehicles and multiple businesses had to be evacuated.

Your slip-and-fall injuries can be compensated

You stop at the local bodega for a six-pack and some scratch-offs on your way home from work. You can almost taste the crisp, cold flavor of the beer after a long day at work.

But you never get to complete your purchase because you slip in some fluid leaking out from beneath the beer cooler. Down you go! From the sudden pop and intense pain in your knee, you suspect that you might have ruptured your ACL. Either way, the only way you're going out the door is going to be on an EMS stretcher.

Fatality in Manhattan this week from falling building facade

This week in Midtown Manhattan, a freak accident claimed the life of an esteemed architect. The 60-year-old woman died shortly before 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 17, as she walked to her office. She was hit by crumbling debris from the facade of an overhead brick tower.

The architect was the vice president of a New York City project management firm. She died on impact as she walked along Seventh Ave. near its intersection with W. 49th St.

Seek legal guidance after suffering a construction injury

If you are a construction worker in New York City, you have probably seen your share of on-the-job injuries. If you are lucky, they were mostly minor. But some may have been particularly grisly, even fatal. It's just the nature of the industry that sometimes bad things happen to those often working high above the city streets.

But, even when the injury appears to be relatively minor, it's important to report it. You may scoff at that idea and have many reasons for not reporting it. Perhaps you are undocumented or had taken a drug that was not prescribed to you. Or maybe it is just that you don't want to seem like a sissy and reporting something that seems so minor.

Have you winterized your vehicle yet?

It's no fun to be caught in a winter storm in a car that was never winterized. In some cases, it could even be deadly.

Below are some suggestions for ensuring that your vehicle is ready to withstand all of Mother Nature's wintry fury this season.

Tipsy drivers leaving office parties pose dangers

As the winter holiday season gets into full swing, there will be a marked uptick in the number and frequency of the parties taking place. Some office parties occur during the daylight hours as New York City cube dwellers raise a cup of cheer together.

What can happen next is that some of those inebriated party-goers attempt to drive home. If they collide with another motorist or a pedestrian, the results can be both catastrophic and tragic.

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