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Mistakes to avoid after an accident

Workplace accidents occur every day. Sometimes, those accidents result in serious injuries that affect employees' livelihoods and financial standing.

Thankfully, instruments assist employees involved in accidents at work. However, to get the most out of those processes, employees should try to avoid a few mistakes.

Just because you don't drive a car doesn't mean you won't get hit

In New York City, having a vehicle can be more of a liability than an asset. Parking is a nightmare and prohibitively expensive, and the traffic during rush hours can make motorists lose their minds during the morning and afternoon commutes.

Because of these situations, one might feel that they are at low risk of getting injured in a traffic accident. Statistically speaking, non-drivers may indeed be at lower risk, but they are not totally exempt.

1 dead, 5 injured, in Bronx building collapse

Tragedy struck late last month at a construction site in the Bronx. A man died, and five of his co-workers suffered injuries when the third floor of the building being erected collapsed on top of them.

The fatal construction accident occurred on Tuesday, August 27. The building was a former parking lot being re-purposed to house eight apartments..

Have an accident-free Labor Day weekend

Here in New York City, there are plenty of options for having some end-of-summer fun. While the calendar may indicate that there are at least a few more official weeks of summer, the long Labor Day weekend has traditionally signaled the end of summer to many families.

But whether you intend to spend your weekend lounging at the beach or a barbecue among friends, there is a good chance that you might encounter drunken drivers on the roads.

Man crushed by Manhattan elevator

A tragic accident occurred this week in a luxury Manhattan high-rise. On Thursday, Aug. 22, at approximately 8:30 in the morning, a 30-year-old resident of the building was crushed by a descending elevator.

The man was one of seven occupants in the elevator car in the Manhattan Promenade, a 23-story high-rise located in Kips Bay near East 26th Street at 344 Third Ave.

Which Manhattan streets are most dangerous for cyclists?

If you ride your bike on the streets of Manhattan, you already realize the dangers you face while riding. But there definitely are some intersections that are more dangerous than others.

Most notably, the location where a cyclist died after being struck by a semitruck driver is the most dangerous intersection for cyclists in New York City, a report cites.

Animal bite in a bodega? I can help

Suppose you stop into the neighborhood bodega for a newspaper and a bottle of water on your way to work. Without warning, the owner's parrot leans down off its perch and pecks you right on the nose, drawing blood.

Now you need stitches, and as you stand there with blood dripping all over your white linen dress, you realize that you might need to get some shots to counteract any bird-borne illnesses that might be transmissible through a bite.

Bicycling in NYC is getting deadlier

An increasing trend across the nation is riding a bike more instead of driving a car. Using a bicycle comes with benefits to both people and the planet. It saves money, provides exercise and reduces emissions. It also encourages people to be social and explore their areas.

NYC is an exciting place to join the cyclist movement, but it is also one of the most dangerous locations. After three recent deaths, the city has decided the problem has risen to emergency level, reports The New York Times.

We can help you appeal your worker's comp claim

Many companies are reputable and honor their workers' legitimate claims for compensation benefits after a workplace injury occurs.

But unfortunately, it has also been our experience that far too many companies try to shortchange their workers and deny them their rightful claims to workers' compensation benefits. When this occurs, the companies are rolling the dice on the odds that the denied claimant will give up and drop their claim.

2 pedestrians seriously hurt in Manhattan accident

An auto-pedestrian crash on Manhattan's Upper West Side on Friday, July 19, left one victim with reportedly life-threatening injuries and the other seriously harmed. According to police and media sources, two pedestrians — a 50-something man and a 65-year-old female — were attempting to cross West End Avenue at 98th Street in the designated crosswalk area when they were struck by a driver in a gray Acura just after 3:30 p.m.

The driver remained at the scene of the collision. Although the crash investigation is ongoing, there was no mention of any tickets, charges or citations that might be given to the driver of the Acura.

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