New York car accident takes life of bicyclist, injures others

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Unfortunately, bicycles and cars do not always mix well on crowded city streets. Recently in New York City, a car hit a bicyclist. The bicyclist was killed in the car accident, and three people were injured.

The car accident happened on a Monday morning in Brooklyn. A Honda SUV struck the bicyclist. The vehicle was headed in the wrong direction and continued on after the collision. According to witnesses, the bicyclist was on the hood of the SUV.  The SUV hit another vehicle, and the bicyclist was thrown from the top of the hood.

Fire fighters on the scene had to pry the other vehicle driver from the vehicle that was hit. At the scene of the crash, the bicyclist was pronounced dead. Three people were transported to a medical facility. It was reported that two of the injured had serious injuries and one apparently had minor injuries.

When a car accident takes the life of a bicyclist, the family of the victim may have grounds to pursue a wrongful death suit in a New York civil court if evidence of driver negligence exists. If liability is properly established in court, an award of monetary damages may be entered. Similarly, injured parties may also have grounds to pursue a personal injury suit, also based upon evidence of negligence. Any monetary judgment awarded may be useful as victims and victims’ families struggle to cope with the financial ramifications a car accident such as this can create for accident victims or those who are left behind.

Source: CBS New York, “Bicyclist Killed, 3 People Hurt In Crash Near Barclays Center“, July 13, 2015


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