Uber driver in fatal car accident in New York

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The act of trying to retrieve an item from the backseat of his car was, unfortunately, a fatal move for a driver. The driver was an Uber driver, a ride sharing program that is an increasingly popular means of getting around New York. The tragic car accident proved to be fatal for the driver.

The accident took place early on a Sunday morning. Authorities believe the 48-year-old driver was trying to get something out of the back seat when a car came towards him and hit him. The man was left lying next to his black SUV as the car that hit him kept going.

Police were actively trying to find the driver that fatally hit the Uber driver. Police went door to door to try and get information about what occurred. One witness said that particular street was prone to having people speed up and down it.

When a hit-and-run car accident occurs on the streets of New York, the individuals involved are usually found after a police investigation. Once found, the driver who hit and left this man may face criminal charges. Despite the outcome of any criminal charges, the family of the Uber driver may have legal options that a personal injury or wrongful death attorney can explain further. One option for a family who has suffered this kind of loss may be a wrongful death claim, which in some cases could result in a monetary settlement, which could prove helpful as the family deals with the financial ramifications of the car accident in conjunction with the emotional loss.

Source: abc7ny.com, “Uber driver fatally struck while retrieving items from vehicle in Queens“, Kemberly Richardson, Feb. 28, 2016


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