How much safety training do NYC construction workers receive?

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There are a staggering number of injuries and deaths that occur every year on New York City construction sites. It is not surprising that this is the case, given all of the risks that are generally present in such environments. Still, it is the responsibility of site managers to keep everybody safe and ensure that preventable accidents do not harm the workers doing construction.

A major component of maintaining a safe environment is providing adequate training to the personnel working on the site. You might wonder, then, what level of training is necessary in order to work on or supervise a construction site in New York City. The answers might surprise you.

Apprenticeship training

Most union construction workers learn the ropes by taking on an apprenticeship with an experienced professional. This means that they may complete a majority of their training on-site and on the job. While this can be a valuable way to learn from experience, it may also minimize opportunities for aspiring construction workers to receive specific safety training. 

On-site safety briefings

For those workers who are active on a construction site, safety training should actually be a daily part of the job. The City of New York Department of Design and Construction indicates that workers should expect a daily briefing covering safety principles and specific procedures. On a busy job site, though, standards such as these can easily fall by the wayside to the risk and detriment of those working.

Site safety managers

Site safety managers should have extensive training and maintain a high standard for the safety of workers. It is surprising that certification for the position only requires taking a course and passing an exam in addition to satisfaction of another predetermined criterion. According to NYC Buildings, a worker with only 18 months of experience could potentially become a safe safety manager in New York City.


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