Watch for trucks that are backing up in construction zones

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Construction of one kind or another is always going on in New York City. There are numerous opportunities for accidents, including trucks that back up and cause serious injuries.

Construction workers, motorists and pedestrians all have to stay alert — and so do truck drivers moving about at any construction site. The New York Department of Transportation expects drivers to comply with its safety rules.

Avoid backing

The first rule is to avoid backing if possible. If this means that a truck driver has to take the long way around to exit the construction site, maintaining safety is worth the extra trouble. Most trucks, including vans, utility trucks and dump trucks, have limited visibility to the rear. NYDOT recommends that the driver back the truck only as far as necessary to complete a maneuver. Forward motion is always safer.

Entering the traffic pattern

New York streets are always full of traffic. Therefore, if a truck that is on a construction site has no option other than to back into traffic upon leaving the site, the driver may need assistance in the form of a spotter or flagger. In more complex circumstances, the construction supervisor or property owner may have to arrange for additional traffic control.

People in the area

A truck driver must be alert to any foot traffic; that is, either pedestrians walking by the site or workers who are performing tasks near the truck. Backing up will be problematic to some degree, and the driver’s first thought should always be the possibility of an accident. If the truck strikes someone, the resulting injuries could be catastrophic, even if the truck in question is only a pickup. If a pickup is dangerous, think of how much more dangerous a fully loaded dump truck would be in terms of backing into someone on foot.

Seeking help

An attorney experienced with helping victims of construction accidents will tell you that incidents involving trucks that back into a worker, pedestrian or motorist are more common than you would imagine. People who suffer such injuries should be able to focus on their recovery while a caring advocate handles the task of obtaining full and fair compensation for the injuries they have sustained.


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