How vehicle technology can cause accidents

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Many new vehicles come with features that enhance safety and performance. They also come with technology to make driving experience more enjoyable. The downside is some of those technological advancements make it easy for motorists to lose their focus while they are driving.

According to the Washington Post, onboard safety features could add to driver distraction and other crash risks. 

Creates distractions 

Behind the wheel, a person’s eyes and mental focus should never leave the roads. Hands should remain on the steering wheel, but when a driver wants to skip a song or change the station, reaching for the knob or button typically requires a hand, and often a glance or longer look. The driver is no longer in complete control of the vehicle at that point because there is not enough time to see, process and react to sudden hazards.

Causes confusion 

Many safety features include visual, audible or haptic alerts, such as flashing lights, a dinging noise or a vibration in the steering wheel. If the driver is not able to interpret these immediately, it could create a distraction rather than a warning. Alternately, a driver could mistake a warning about lane departure for a warning that he or she should brake.

Compromises road safety 

Many people trust their vehicle safety systems to check their blind spots, apply their brakes and keep them within their lanes. However, designers of this technology did not intend for drivers to give over complete control to the vehicle. Instead, these systems should be in addition to cautious, careful driving habits. For example, when a person fails to check a blind spot, a fast moving car or motorcycle could move up beside the vehicle without being recognized by the system.

Anyone who is the victim of a motor vehicle collision involving technology may be able to hold both the driver and the manufacturer liable for damages in some circumstances. An attorney may be able to help investigate the contributors to the crash and determine what parties may be at fault.


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