Beware of construction hazards on your job site

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New York City construction sites are a hive of busy activities, with a lot going on at the same time in different areas. As such, they are inherently dangerous places, especially if the workers are cutting corners on safety precautions.

It’s important to follow all of the safety rules and regulations to ensure the safety of workers and also of passersby who can become collateral victims of construction accidents. Below are some potential hazards to avoid.

Failing to maintain the work area

Good housekeeping on the job site keeps everyone safer. Make sure that laborers sweep debris from work areas and stack their materials properly out of high traffic spots.

Beware of slippery surfaces

Slip-resistant materials like sand should be spread on any paths that are slick or icy. If there is a liquid spill, it should immediately be contained and cleaned up. Small, round objects like conduit stubs, the ends of welding rods and piping with small diameter can cause workers to slip if they step on them. Make sure the work area is free of these hazards.

Uncovered electrical panels

To prevent workers from being electrocuted, all electrical boxes and panels need to be covered. Additionally, all circuitry used for power tools needs to have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI).

Unsafe extension cords

All cords must have grounding plugs and should be off the ground so workers don’t trip. Also, any damaged cords need to be removed from service and replaced by those in good condition.

Unsafe scaffolding

All of a construction site’s elevated working surfaces must have planks with toe boards. They also need to have both mid-rails and hand rails installed. Scaffolds should only be erected once the vertical units are sitting on solid bases and leveled. Workers should be trained not to ascend scaffolds on the outside. Instead, they must use ladders, but not when they are laden down with materials or tools, which should instead be hoisted on a line.

Avoid using damaged step ladders

All step ladders should be well-maintained and used properly. Any damaged step ladders must be immediately removed from service. Don’t lean them against work surfaces and walls. When using extension ladders, always tie them off and don’t ever separate extension ladders.

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