Beware of dangers on construction sites

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New York City construction workers face over twice the risk of getting killed in a workplace accident than their counterparts in other industries. Hazards are rife, but it’s just another day on the job for most construction workers.

Below are some of the frequent dangers construction workers face every day as they go about their labors.


While not all construction takes place high in the air, there are many high-rises on the New York skyline. All required laborers ascend to dangerous heights during the construction phase.

Slipping and tripping

There are numerous hazards present on construction sites that can cause workers to slip or trip and wind up injured and unable to work. Supervisors must maintain clear work spaces to reduce the likelihood of these types of injuries.

Moving equipment

Heavy equipment like cranes, excavators and back hoes present real safety hazards when they are not properly secured and moved. Even smaller equipment like forklifts can cause serious injuries or deaths if not operated by trained and cautious workers.


One major hazard that often gets short shrift in the industry is excessive and repetitive noise. Not only can it cause hearing damage over years of exposure, it can mask the sounds that would otherwise alert workers to dangers on the job.

Handling of materials

Lifting and transporting equipment and materials around the worksite involves risk. Improper lifting or hoisting techniques can lead to injuries and accidents.


Trenches and excavations must be fortified with shoring to prevent collapses that literally can bury workers alive under tons of earth, sand or gravel.

Proximity to hazardous materials

Asbestos is but one example of the deadly materials construction workers may encounter while demolishing a site for a new build.

If you suffered injuries and damages on a construction site, it’s vital to learn your rights regarding seeking compensation for your losses.

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