Animal bite in a bodega? I can help

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Suppose you stop into the neighborhood bodega for a newspaper and a bottle of water on your way to work. Without warning, the owner’s parrot leans down off its perch and pecks you right on the nose, drawing blood.

Now you need stitches, and as you stand there with blood dripping all over your white linen dress, you realize that you might need to get some shots to counteract any bird-borne illnesses that might be transmissible through a bite.

In short, you’re in quite a pickle. The horrified bodega owner may be solicitous about your injury right now, but how compliant will they be when those medical bills start rolling in? After a bite on the face, it’s very likely that you might need plastic surgery to diminish the scarring — and that never comes cheap.

This is why it’s generally a good idea to let a New York City personal injury attorney handle your premises liability claim. I put my decades of legal experience to work for my clients to get them the highest possible settlement offers and court judgments for their personal injury claims.

Because I understand the true value of my clients’ claims, I can aggressively negotiate for substantial settlements when others with less experience might fold and take less for their clients.

In the above hypothetical claim, for instance, I would calculate the future medical expenses the injured person might face and add them to the funds already expended for medical treatment. I’d add up the time missed from work, the cost of dry-cleaning my client’s blood-stained outfit and any caregiver expenses they incurred during the recovery period. I also always include claims for pain and suffering and any other mental and emotional distress the client suffered in an animal attack.

Should the insurance company drag its feet settling the claim, the next step is filing a lawsuit and setting the matter for trial.


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