We can help you pursue a claim for a construction accident

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New York City is a hive of construction activity year-round. There are always new builds and renovations taking place here in Manhattan and the outlying boroughs.

With all the activity going on, some construction workers will inevitably suffer on-the-job injuries. Even seemingly minor injuries like contusions, sprains and strains can lead to time off of work when you aren’t earning any money.

That can disrupt your otherwise orderly life if you aren’t able to put food on your family’s table and pay the bills. We can help you pursue a workers’ compensation claim after you get hurt in a workplace accident.

Whether your injuries resulted from a devastating scaffold fall or arose from another worker’s negligence with power tools, if your injury occurred on the job during your scheduled hours, you have the right to file a claim for financial and other compensation.

Some employers are quick to do the right thing for their injured workers. Others have to be firmly convinced. If you have had your claim denied or your employer is slow-walking your claim for workers’ compensation benefits, we can motivate them to settle the claim expeditiously in your favor.

Remember, too, that the injuries you suffer now can impact and may severely limit the work you will be able to do in the future. Your claim should be comprehensive and cover any anticipated adverse effects that you may experience in the future.

Don’t allow your employer to shirk their responsibility to compensate you for your losses and damages after you suffer an on-the-job injury on your construction site.


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