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When you attend a professional sporting event as a fan, you want to have the best experience possible. The tickets certainly don’t come cheap, so you skrimp and save to afford to see the big game from the nosebleed section.

Regardless, you’re going to make the best of it no matter how far away from the 50-yard line you may be. But what you didn’t count on was being injured in the stands.

From out-of-control rowdy fans throwing punches in the stands to spilled drinks making the stairs slippery, there are many ways that you can be harmed while attending professional sporting events. So, who is to blame for your injuries and damages when something goes terribly wrong at the game?

In most cases, the venue itself bears the bulk of the liability for failing to keep the fans safe. In the case of rowdy fans starting fights, there should be adequate security on the premises at all times to intercede and toss out the pugnacious fans before the first punch gets thrown.

When liquids get spilled and pose a threat to those navigating the stairs or hallways of the venue, a clean-up crew should be present to reduce the likelihood of injuries from slips and falls.

But sometimes, the sports team itself might bear some liability. Such might be the case if you are at a Jets game and get bowled over by their mascot Mick. While each of these cases must be determined based on their individual merits, it is likely that one or more entities will be liable at least in part for your injuries while attending a sporting event in New York City.

We can help you file a claim for damages and reap the highest settlement or judgment after the incident that caused you harm.


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