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You go to visit a friend in their Manhattan loft apartment. As you walk toward the elevator, your foot slips in some pooled liquid on the floor. As you go down, you hear a pop. Then, shooting pain engulfs your right leg. You’ve torn your ACL.

Now you are faced with medical bills for surgery and months of physical therapy. You have to miss time from work and can no longer play in your weekly basketball league games. This was not at all what you expected when you set out to visit your buddy downtown.

What can you do? Well, the premises liability laws in the state of New York offer you some options to seek financial redress for your injury. The building super and the owner have the responsibility to maintain a safe premises for building occupants, their guests and others with legal right to be on the property. If they failed to do so, that opens the door for you to file a claim for damages.

Not only can you seek the actual financial damages you are out from the slip-and-fall that injured you, you also have a right to sue for the pain and suffering you experienced. Because that can be rather challenging for a nonlawyer to assess and attribute a dollar figure to, it is a good idea to give us a call.

We can help you file your claim for damages in a timely manner so that you can be sure not to miss any important deadlines and let your case proscribe. We seek the highest possible settlements for our clients and are highly skilled in the art of negotiation.


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