4 crucial safety tips for general contractors while on the job

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Construction Accidents

General contractors in New York can earn competitive wages while helping to manage major construction projects. There is a constant need for skilled professionals to work in the construction, expansion and remodeling of buildings around the state.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons that construction professionals earn competitive wages is that the job is relatively dangerous. Having a few safety rules that you consistently follow can help you reduce your risk of a worker getting hurt on the job site.

Carefully maintain and double-check protective gear 

Safety equipment is one of the most important ways of reducing the risk on a job site. As a general contractor, you need to carefully inspect any safety equipment that you will provide to workers and make sure workers bring their own gear if required. Having thorough cleaning, maintenance and storage policies for safety gear can help preserve this expensive equipment.

Prioritize effective communication

You will need to communicate with everyone else on the job site so that everyone knows what they need to do and where they need to be. Active listening skills, combined with proactively speaking up about any immediate deviate from a plan could help workers avoid an accident or even catch a mistake before it occurs.

Pay attention to equipment

Just like with safety gear, the tools and Machinery that workers use on the construction site can play a large role in keeping them safe or in putting them at unnecessary risk. Proper cleaning and maintenance of tools and machinery will extend their useful life and also help you find issues, like a cut wire, before something shorts out or malfunctions on the job, possibly putting your life at risk.

Invest in training for yourself and any subcontractors

Understanding safety practices is different from just blindly following someone’s instructions. Although you may value hands-on experience in your trade, thorough knowledge of safety regulations, best practices and even first aid could help improve safety on the job site. There are many educational resources available for general contractors and subcontractors alike, and there may even be text benefits to investing in education in addition to the obvious safety benefits.

Identifying risk factors and actively seeking to protect yourself could help you avoid an injury when managing a construction job.


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