5 common hazards in construction

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People who work in the construction industry face many hazards on a daily basis. It’s up to their employers to ensure they have the tools and techniques they need to remain safe.

There are some risks that occur often, but they’re sometimes overlooked. Even a small issue with any of these hazards can result in major injuries for a construction worker.

#1: Scaffolding hazards

Scaffolding must be properly inspected before each shift. Injuries and fatalities from scaffolding that New York has a special law that’s known as the Scaffold Law to address these issues. It’s contained in New York State Labor Law § 240 and 241.

#2: Improper equipment usage

All equipment must be in good condition before it’s used. All workers who use the equipment must be trained in the proper and safe usage of it. All workers should be aware of large machinery moving around the construction site.

#3: Trench collapses

Trench collapses are serious matters because workers can become entrapped and die if there’s a collapse. Excavation risk assessments can help to prevent workers from being placed in dangerous situations when they enter a trench.

#4: Electrical risks

Electrical risks stem from many different hazards on a job site. Frayed cords on power tools and overhead powerlines are two primary issues. All workers should check cords before using any equipment. If there are frays or breaks, the equipment should be placed out of service until it can be properly repaired or replaced. Additionally, they should always know where overhead powerlines are located so they can avoid contact with them.

#5: Inhalation hazards

Several things are inhalation hazards in the construction field. Contact with dust can become problematic, as can exposure to other substances, such as asbestos. Respirators and other personal protective equipment may help to prevent problems from occurring.

Injured construction workers should ensure they get the medical care they need. Workers’ compensation coverage should provide medical benefits that make this possible. Other benefits might also be present for workers who can’t come back to work quickly. Working with someone who’s familiar with these matters is beneficial because they can assist you with getting what you’re due.


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