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Brain injuries may be associated with criminal behavior

A Brooklyn man in the doctoral program at Columbia University is expounding upon a family experience as the basis for his book. In 2007, his older brother, who had enjoyed a successful life of hard work, experienced a traumatic brain injury as the result of a motorcycle accident. Afterwards, family members noticed changes in the brother's actions, including aggressive behaviors. He even served a prison sentence.

According to the man, his older brother's problems didn't improve upon his release from prison, but actually worsened. As a result, he's experiencing many difficulties in his re-entrance into society and has been unable to find gainful employment, despite his willingness and desire to work.

This situation has led the younger brother to champion the cause of rehabilitation for victims of brain injuries. These individuals may engage in behaviors that would be uncharacteristic for them prior to their injuries and, according to the researcher, deserve help in order to recover from their injuries and gain restoration to the highest possible degree.

Brain injuries shouldn't bring hopelessness to victims and their families. An attorney who's experienced in matters involving traumatic brain injuries and the problems that can arise from them may be able to assist in pursuing legal and financial relief for the affected parties. Legal action against any parties who can be considered responsible for the accident would be one example of the type of relief that could be obtained. Or, an attorney might be able to secure an out-of-court monetary settlement to help the victim seek the rehabilitative care that could be the key to enjoying life as fully and productively as possible.

Source: Herald-Review, "Column: Requarth hopes to shine light on traumatic brain injury", Bob Fallstrom, August 13, 2013

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