What if you’re injured by falling debris on a construction site?

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Construction workers in New York often have competitive benefits packages provided by their employers. Unfortunately, the compensation offered to construction workers is a reflection of how dangerous the job can be. Minor mistakes by an individual worker on a construction site could lead to that person or one of their co-workers developing a serious injury. As New York continues to develop vertically, construction workers must often do their jobs at a significant elevation. Even those on the ground are at risk if someone high above them makes a mistake.

All it takes is a tool slipping out of someone’s hand or a worker kicking heavy materials off of scaffolding for someone below to suffer severe injuries. Someone could even tip a wheelbarrow full of old plaster over and shower the ground with its contents. What happens when falling objects lead to injuries on a New York construction site?

The scaffolding law may apply

New York Labor Law 240 has long protected construction professionals from financial devastation. The law imposes strict liability on property owners or the agents representing them, including businesses that they hire, for gravity-related construction incidents.

Falls from a significant elevation aren’t the only type of incident covered by Labor Law 240. Dropped tools and falling equipment or debris also fall under this important statute. Workers may have the option of taking legal action to seek compensation for both their medical expenses and their lost wages.

Labor Law 240 is often crucial for the protection of injured construction workers, as falling debris or tools can cause severe health issues. In some cases, the impact can cause spinal cord injuries. Other times, it could lead to traumatic brain injuries even if someone has protective headgear in place. Falling debris could break bones. Someone could end up crushed in cases involving a large volume of debris or dropped materials, which could cause a number of injuries to the worker.

Particularly when a construction worker has sustained permanent injuries that could limit their future earning potential, taking action after getting struck by falling objects at a construction site may be the only way to avoid financial devastation. Learning more about New York’s unique labor and personal injury laws may benefit those working and dangerous professions, such as construction.


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