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Inspector injured in New York construction accident

A third-party inspector who was on the Mamaroneck Village construction site was injured when he was hit by heavy machinery on the site. The inspector was supposed to be monitoring the drainage work that was being done on Barry Avenue and Boston Post Road when the accident occurred on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

The New York Department of Transportation issued a stop-work order on the construction site while the consulting engineers and the project coordinator of the construction meet with representatives from the NYS DOT. The inspector was reportedly wearing the appropriate safety gear when the construction site accident occurred. He was transported to Westchester Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries and held for observation.

The injured inspector could choose to wage a civil lawsuit against the construction company to seek compensation for his injuries. If he does file a workers' compensation lawsuit, his claim might request that he be reimbursed for his hospital bills and other medical expenses. Additionally, the man may have had to take time off from work while he recovered from his injuries, resulting in lost wages. He might be able to ask for compensation for those lost wages from the construction company in his lawsuit as well.

If the man suffered from any trauma or other psychological damage as a result of the accident, he could be able to seek compensation for his pain and suffering. If his is permanently disabled or unable to perform the work functions that he could prior to the accident, a workers' compensation lawsuit might be able to offer him compensation for his declined condition. A personal injury attorney might be able to help the inspector draw up his claim as well as negotiate a settlement for his damages.

Source: Daily Voice, "Inspector Injured In Mamaroneck Village Construction Accident", August 23, 2013

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