Large equipment falls and causes injuries in New York

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When major equipment is hoisted above a bustling city street, every possible safety precaution is taken. Despite the use of safety equipment, falls and accidents can still occur and leave a city street in chaos and disarray. An incident unfolded in the streets of Manhattan, New York, and several were injured as a result.

A large crane was being used to lift a heating and air-conditioning unit to the roof of a Midtown Manhattan building. The unit reportedly weighed several tons. For a reason yet to be determined, the unit came loose and crashed to the street below, 30 stories below.

The Sunday morning incident resulted in injuries to seven people. The injured included two construction workers and five people passing by. Two of the passers-by were taken to a medical facility and both of the construction workers were also taken to medical facilities. Officials are investigating the incident and have relayed thankfulness that the incident did not occur during the week when there would have been significant activity on the street below.

The construction site had the necessary permits and no violations have been found as of yet. However, an investigation may lead to a cause for the incident. Falls of heavy equipment such as this incident can lead to life-altering injuries that can also be costly. For those injured in this New York accident, injuries may result in medical bills and pain and suffering. The injured construction workers should be covered under workers’ compensation; however, when innocent passers-by are injured in this manner, those victims may be able to pursue civil damages that could yield monetary recompense, which could cover the cost of medical care.

Source: The New York Times, “Crane Accident in Midtown Manhattan Injures 7 and Damages Buildings“, Ashley Southall, May 31, 2015


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