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December 2015 Archives

A car accident at a New York intersection leads to injuries

The holiday season, and Christmas Eve in particular, can mean higher traffic on highways everywhere and, therefore, a greater chance of people being involved in car accidents. A car accident on Christmas Eve in New York recently lead to injuries for one of the victims. It also led to criminal charges for one of the drivers.

Deadly head-on car accident investigated in New York

While any type of collision on the road can cause serious injury, a head-on collision typically has devastating consequences for drivers and passengers. A car accident in the western part of New York recently made news and remains under investigation. The accident occurred on a Sunday night around 7 p.m.

Man takes off after car accident in New York, woman left injured

Walking along the streets of an urban area can be a dangerous endeavor for anyone regardless of the time of day. When someone is crossing a New York street with a child in tow, the danger or risk of injury may naturally be elevated. A man recently hit a woman who was walking with a child and then he fled after the car accident.

New York pedestrian accidents take innocent lives

The busy streets and sidewalks of New York are dangerous under any circumstances but especially so when drivers are reckless or negligent. Pedestrian accidents have received a lot of media attention and Mayor de Blasio is promoting a VisionZero initiative focused on reducing traffic fatalities. In a recent tragedy, a 30-year-old walking along a Brooklyn street died and her boyfriend and others suffered injuries after an SUV struck them.

The scenarios and injuries associated with premises liability

When people think about premises liability situations and injuries, they may conjure up images of slip and fall incidents. While premises liability cases are commonly referred to as slip and fall cases, there can be a lot more to a case and the injury than what the term 'slip and fall' may cover. New York residents who are injured on the property of another and who can show that injury was caused from some form of negligence may want to be clear about the scenarios and injuries that may warrant a premises liability suit.

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