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The scenarios and injuries associated with premises liability

When people think about premises liability situations and injuries, they may conjure up images of slip and fall incidents. While premises liability cases are commonly referred to as slip and fall cases, there can be a lot more to a case and the injury than what the term 'slip and fall' may cover. New York residents who are injured on the property of another and who can show that injury was caused from some form of negligence may want to be clear about the scenarios and injuries that may warrant a premises liability suit.

The locations and scenarios that lead to injuries can vary. A business or establishment has a legal obligation to post warnings or notify visitors or patrons of hazards. If visitors or patrons are not notified of a hazard, an injury can easily occur. The security, or lack thereof, that encompasses an establishment can be the source of injury that stems from situations such as a lack of proper lighting in walkways or parking lots. Construction site negligence can also lead to premises liability situations.

The injuries that can occur can also vary greatly. Common injuries may include broken bones or back injuries. More severe injuries can include head trauma or concussions. These types of injuries can be particularly troublesome if a victim already has heath issues.

More often than not, when a premises liability situation has led to injuries, the injured may be unsure of his or her rights or what kind of compensation will be necessary to ensure the best recovery. Negotiations in a New York civil case can help victims get the compensation needed and, therefore, get on the road to recovery. Our firm's website has more information about premises liability in general and what options victims may have.

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