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Property owners have a duty to take reasonable care of the property to ensure the safety of invitees. If that obligation is breached, there may be cause for an injured patron or visitor to file a premises liability claim in a New York civil court. This type of claim is typically based upon evidence of negligence by a property owner and/or other party in possession of the premises. An accident victim can consult an attorney for advise concerning what legal steps may be appropriate for their situation.

An injury that can lead to a premises liability claim can happen virtually anywhere. However, there are common scenarios. Inadequate security and insufficient warning of a hazard are two common circumstances that give rise to these types of proceedings. For example, improper lighting that prompts an invitee to fall and get hurt can give rise to a premises liability claim.

Even though the circumstances may vary, there are some common injuries that can alter the quality of life of a victim. Those injuries may include broken bones and head trauma. Injuries may also be unseen and worsen over time, such as back and neck injuries.

When a victim is injured on someone’s property due to negligence of the property owner and/or a party in possession, the victim may find the possibility of compensation necessary in order to deal with the physical and financial consequences of that injury. A negotiated settlement can prove helpful and may be a timely solution in some cases, but litigation may be necessary to achieve a fair outcome in others. Our firm has more information about premises liability claims in New York.


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