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Which state has the rudest drivers?

You're trying to get over to get off of the interstate, and no one will let you in. They just honk at you as you try to merge. Ahead of you, another car merges without a signal. Once you do get over, a driver tailgates you, then whips around and gestures in anger as he or she goes past.

Does it ever feel like every other driver in New York is incredibly rude? According a new study, that may actually be the case. New York was ranked as the state with the rudest drivers.

The study itself was done by a nonprofit called Kars4Kids. The group said that the end goal was to make drivers aware so they could develop better habits behind the wheel.

The states that ranked just below New York -- meaning they were slightly less rude -- were South Carolina, Arkansas, and then Louisiana.

The study also looked at what types of drivers were worst. Those who were 51 years old and older qualified as the least rude drivers. Those who were 25 and younger were the most rude. Men where also less courteous on the road than women.

Around 2,500 people filled out the survey to get these results. They were all at least 18 years old, which is a slightly problematic cutoff since people can drive at 16.

This certainly can lead to car accidents. Young people often have the worst crash statistics, so is it really surprising that they are also the rudest group in the survey? Plus, people often take affront to rude behavior and it could lead to over-aggression and road rage. If you're involved in an accident, be sure you know your rights.

Source: NOLA, "Louisiana drivers are 4th rudest in the country, survey says," Melinda Morris, accessed July 14, 2017

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