Common causes of pedestrian accidents

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Pedestrian accidents occur frequently in New York, and you are more likely to be a victim in an urban area than a rural one because of the large concentration of people and vehicles in one place. Howard R. Sanders, Esq. has a firm understanding of the types of situations that often lead to pedestrian accidents, and he has helped many New Yorkers who suffered injury after they were struck by motor vehicles while on foot.

While there are some steps you can take as a pedestrian to reduce your odds of becoming an accident victim, there is only so much you can when other motorists do not prioritize safety. For example, the Safety Resource Center reports that you can reduce your risk of a pedestrian accident by not drinking before walking along or near the roadway, but you cannot control the actions of others who choose to drink and drive. About 13 percent of all pedestrian collisions involve intoxicated drivers.

Another common cause of pedestrian accidents involves drivers making left-hand turns. If you are attempting to cross the street and a motorist is trying to make a left-hand turn, your eyes are probably looking straight ahead, while the motorist is likely looking for other vehicles coming toward them. This can lead to dangerous actions and miscommunications, with cars making left-hand turns accounting for three times as many pedestrian accidents as cars making right-hand turns.

Arterial roads and construction zones, too, are common contributors to pedestrian accidents. Changes in regular traffic patterns can confuse pedestrians and motorists alike, and this proves particularly dangerous when areas under construction are not well-marked. More information about pedestrian accidents is available on our web page.


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