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Do you know how to drive safely in construction zones?

As the weather gets warmer this spring, there will likely be more road construction taking place in and around New York City. As a driver, it's important to make sure that your actions behind the wheel don't put highway workers at risk of injury or death.

Below are some tips for sharing the roads safely with highway construction workers so that at the end of the day, everyone arrives safely at home.

Be prepared for the unexpected

In construction zones, speed limits are lower and lanes may be restricted and traffic detoured. Stay alert and aware of any signs indicating what drivers need to do.

Pay attention to flaggers

The highway workers with the bright orange flags and stop signs can direct you where you need to be but only if you watch and take your cue from them. Drivers who ignore flaggers' directions can face citations from police.

Exercise patience

Yes, highway delays are maddening, but erupting in road rage can lead to a violent confrontation or an arrest. Be magnanimous if another driver makes an error in a road construction zone.

Understand merging rules

Some drivers get confused during unfamiliar merges and slow to a crawl when they need to match their speed to the traffic patterns.

Signal your intent

Ideally, you do this at all times and not just in road construction zones. But when work crews and heavy equipment are in close proximity to traffic, it's especially important not to make other drivers have to guess what you are about to do.

Don't follow too closely

In bumper-to-bumper traffic, it can be challenging to maintain a safe distance on the highway. Still, you should attempt to leave as much room as possible between your vehicle and the bumper of the car ahead in case you must suddenly stop.

Were you injured in a wreck in a New York construction zone? You may need to seek legal counsel to decide on a path to financial recovery.

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