What happens when construction equipment causes harm?

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Many professionals rely on equipment to perform the duties of their jobs. New York construction sites may involve scores of workers performing tasks with a variety of equipment. Everything from power saws to jackhammers to nail guns may serve the vital purposes of getting things done on time. Unfortunately, equipment doesn’t always work properly. At times, equipment failures may even lead to horrible injuries due to someone’s negligence.

Equipment failure and the harm it may cause

Equipment failures could come in many forms, and the results might be catastrophic. Poorly maintained electrical equipment could lead to someone getting shocked or burned. A defective cutting tool may result in someone suffering a massive laceration.

The worker performing tasks with a defective tool might not be the only person injured. A co-worker or visitor standing nearby may end up hurt as well. Anyone hurt on the job site may then have a legal claim for compensation and damages.

The term “equipment” also includes items necessary for safety. Gloves with holes in them or goggles incapable of remaining properly affixed may present hazards. Just as tools require maintenance and upgrading, so does any necessary protective equipment. When management refuses to take steps to ensure safety, claims of negligence may result.

Additional points about equipment safety

Merely providing workers with functional equipment might not be enough to ensure a safe work environment. Did management provide the necessary training to operate machinery the right way? Was instruction provided on how to wear safety equipment correctly? Any omissions may face critical questions in a negligence suit.

Employers aren’t the only entities that might deal with claims of negligence. Equipment manufacturers could deal with product liability claims. Tools manufactured with defects might hurt someone, and manufacturers may be responsible for the resulting injuries.

In addition, what of the businesses entrusted with repairing and maintaining forklifts, machinery and other equipment? Shoddy jobs could inflict harm, and lawsuits may follow. Cutting corners with repair jobs might be among the most egregious of negligent actions.

Construction site accidents might lead to personal injury suits naming several defendants. Anyone injured at a construction site may want to call an attorney for help with their case.


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