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How clean is that Jacuzzi?

If your idea of an ideal summer weekend getaway includes a spa retreat with a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi, you may want to reconsider. Jacuzzis have the potential to cause all sorts of health issues for those who like to ease sore muscles in the churning water.

What are the implications of New York's dram shop laws?

Sometimes a person suffers injuries or is killed by a drunken driver who left a bar or other venue where alcohol is sold before the accident happened. The injured person or one's survivors may be able to hold the bartender or retailer civilly liable for their injuries and damages.

There is help if someone's negligence causes injury

Property owners have a duty to take reasonable care of the property to ensure the safety of invitees. If that obligation is breached, there may be cause for an injured patron or visitor to file a premises liability claim in a New York civil court. This type of claim is typically based upon evidence of negligence by a property owner and/or other party in possession of the premises. An accident victim can consult an attorney for advise concerning what legal steps may be appropriate for their situation.

The scenarios and injuries associated with premises liability

When people think about premises liability situations and injuries, they may conjure up images of slip and fall incidents. While premises liability cases are commonly referred to as slip and fall cases, there can be a lot more to a case and the injury than what the term 'slip and fall' may cover. New York residents who are injured on the property of another and who can show that injury was caused from some form of negligence may want to be clear about the scenarios and injuries that may warrant a premises liability suit.

Do you need answers to premises liability questions?

While accidents are often unpreventable, there are also times when accidents occur and negligence or recklessness on the part of a property owner is to blame. If you have been injured on someone else's property, you may have questions about premises liability and the options you have for pursuing compensation in a New York civil court. Because the laws of liability can be complicated, it is best to seek legal assistance to determine if you have a premises liability case.

Premises liability negligence can lead to major problems

Property owners and property managers have a legal obligation to keep the property they own or operate safe for patrons and visitors alike. If a New York property owner fails to follow the law and minimize hazards or dangers, a person can get injured, and those injuries can be life-changing. Anyone injured as the result of negligent premises liability should be aware of his or her rights and to what extent monetary damages may be awarded.

Evidence in premises liability cases

New York residents who have been injured in a slip, fall or other accident on a commercial or other private property may be considering filing a personal injury suit against the owner of the building where they were hurt. Knowing what types of evidence to collect may help people build a strong case in preparation for filing a premises liability suit against a property owner.

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