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September 2015 Archives

Car accident on New York street takes life of motorcyclist

Sudden lane changes or unexpected maneuvers while driving can lead to car accidents for unsuspecting motorists. When one driver recently tried to make a U-turn on a New York street in the Bronx, his car hit a motorcycle traveling in the same direction. The tragic car accident took the life of the motorcyclist.

New York car accident ends with arrest of driver, death of others

When a wrong-way accident results in the death of a passenger and leads to injuries for others, the driver may face a host of criminal charges and possible civil liability. A recent car accident on a New York highway is garnering attention as the driver was a police officer from New Jersey. The accident took the life of another officer and another passenger.

Young woman dies after car accident on New York bridge

Many people choose to bike throughout urban areas, and this method of transportation is generally regarded as safe when proper precautions are taken and the rules of the road are honored. Despite safety rules and laws, New York residents who rely on bicycles to get around the city are still at risk of becoming involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, a New York woman recently lost her life as she rode her bicycle across a city bridge.

Car accident in New York results in injuries at restaurant

Car accidents that occur on the roadways are unexpected enough. When a car accident occurs near a restaurant and restaurant patrons become the victims, the scene can be even more devastating and unexpected. In New York recently, an elderly man backed up and caused chaos as his car hit the establishment.

Construction site accidents can injure workers anytime

There is nothing physically or mentally easy about working in the construction field, especially in an urban setting. Because of the inherent danger involved in this line of work, construction sites are highly regulated for the safety of workers and the public in general. Despite those strict regulations and safety protocols in place, construction site accidents can and do still happen in New York and workers are needlessly injured or worse.

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